Create your file of parameters

The coding is open.

You can follow the international coding of “KKS” equipments but this is not compulsory.

In case your database exists in the IT format, our team integrates it into the software and accelerates its implementation.

The equipments are located in their buildings or premises… (Locating is optional). For numerical values, pressures, temperatures…, thresholds and tolerances are entered according to the states of the production unit.

These states are personalized, for example: START, STOP, AVAILABLE, INSPECTING, STARTING

The inspection of every equipment can be scheduled

The inspection of every equipment can be scheduled.


For every equipment, the readings can be conditioned in “filters”

Example of reading conditions :

. The 1st Saturday of the month,
. Every Monday morning,
. Only in period of “big warmth”,
. Only when the unit is working, etc…

Periodicities are created by users,
A periodicity can be allocated to an equipment or the whole round.
During the load on the data collection computer, the scheduled round will be suggested with priority to the operators.


An equipment does not have to be systematically verified…

Example: If a pump is stopped, it is not necessary to check the following 3 debits.

All these conditions are intended to optimize the collection by field operators. Only the values necessary for gathering will appear on the handheld data collection terminal.