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Chief Executive Officer of AZITO O&M SA

Mr Jean-Luc PEREIRA, Chief Executive Officer of AZITO O&M SA

ABB and EDF subsidiary from 2002 to 2007
25 years spent at EDF in various sectors of energy production (*).

« Winservir Corp can advantageously be used for preventive maintenance of the installations, beyond all the advantages of keyboarding on micro-computers of numerous readings by the operators:

- data reliability
- reliability of round lists
- schedule of the rounds according to the evolution of operating problems
- fight against transmission errors by deleting the “common mode effects”
- numerical data, etc.

In fact, the analysis of failure modes of important materials for the availability of production installations allows to discover specific tracers, in particular slow evolutions of physical parameters such as temperature, vibrations, etc.
In fact, reliable and available on a numerical form, these data can be followed and analyzed according to specific algorithm developed with Excel or any other spreadsheet…

The interpretation of any variation of these slow drifts allows at first to anticipate potentially serious failures and then allows the preventive interventions on damaged equipments.

As an example, the follow-up of the derivative of the slow temperature variations of the floor of a rotating machine can bring, in complement of other operating data, decisive elements to schedule and carry out preventive maintenance operations, deleting the occurrence of important damages.

Without reminding the contribution of Winservir to the reliability of data collection, avoided costs linked to the destruction of a part of the machine associated to those of the production loss during a major incident, make the use of Winservir a real good investment in terms of predictive maintenance and availability of the production installations.”

(*) Mr Pereira is now Manager of Power 2C, a consulting and coaching firm, specialized in quality approaches: Safety, Environment, Ethics and Sustainable Development for big international groups such as ALSTOM, Bouygues, AFNOR, EDF…